"Best massage I ever had.The deep pressure was exatcly what my stiff neck and upper shoulders needed"
— K. Estee

"Not only are Rod’s massages relaxing but his deep tissue massages also help when my lower back is in pain.  I recommend Odyssey/Rod Hunt to my friends, family and co-workers."
— F. Serrano

"This is the BEST massage I have EVER HAD! Anyone who desires to conquer the day MUST come see ROD! Thank you ROD for a WONDERFUL MASSAGE!"
— C. Graham

"I can not wait until Wednesday....Ready for some relief! :)"
— A. Putnam

"Thanks for the visit yesterday! My shoulder is much better today..."
— S. Teel

"I started seeing Roderick long before I was diagnosed with MS
Since the diagnosis, I rely on him to get me through tough weeks."
— K. Furlong