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Swedish Massage: A popular modality wherein stress relief is once again paramount. Muscles and tendons are kneaded, compressed and manipulated to provide maximum relief: $60.00/Hour-$35 half hour

Trigger Point Therapy/Sports Massage: Also known as deep tissue massage, these forms of body work provide relief from deeply "knotted" muscle tissue usually caused by over-exertion or repetitively stressful physical activities. Disturbed nerve endings are palpated allowing knots to release and normal muscle function to be restored: $65.00/Hour-$40/half hour

Pregnancy Massage: An excellent opportunity for pregnant women to enjoy an hour of pampering as well as to gain relief for overworked muscles often associated with the discomforts of pregnancy: $60.00/Hour-$35 half hour

Rehabilitative Massage: Medical massage is based on the belief that almost all systems can be affected by the act of physical touch. The client is encouraged to become as relaxed as possible therein allowing the therapist to realign and manipulate muscular and tendonous tissue that has been repeatedly stressed making the tissue hyper tonic which can lead to potential nerve impairment and dysfunction: $75.00/Hour-$40/half hour

REIKI: This Japanese form of "energy healing", involves enhancing the natural flow of Universal Life Energy available in and around the body. Electro- magnetic flow of energies are directed and absorbed through the human energy system or "Chakras": $60.00/Hour-$35 half hour