The Odyssey Medical Massage Experience begins with a discussion of your general health and massage therapy goals. Attention to detail matters most when working with individuals who have either chronic pain and/or specific massage therapy needs and owner, operator Roderick L. Hunt, LMT, integrates a blend of amazing hands on skills with techniques and knowledge acquired over 19 years of general and specialized therapeutic massage practice, five years of which were spent at some of Omaha’s most prestigious medical centers.

Business Philosophy- The business philosophy at the Odyssey Medical Massage Experience is to provide a high quality compassionate therapeutic massage or bodywork treatment from a reliable and trustworthy therapist who will be dedicated to working within your comfort zone to provide maximum relief be it from physical, emotional or mental stress. A physician's referral is not required, however, discounts are available when accompanied by your physician’s prescription. It should be noted that while we are excited about providing opportunities for our clients and patients to experience complementary medicine practices, the treatment modalities we provide complement traditional medicine and are not a substitute for it. If ever a doubt about seeking massage therapy as a form of treatment, please seek advice from your primary or specialized physician and keep them informed as to all forms of treatment you receive.

The Odyssey Medical Massage Experience is designed to provide clients an opportunity to:
* Maintain and enhance optimal health
* Learn stress management strategies
* Seek consultation for sustained muscular discomfort and pain
* Participate in their own healing process
* Enjoy one or more of the provided services